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ATMS Asian Travel and Medical Services LLP is one of the largest and leading medical and travel emergency assistance and rescue provider. We are situated in Kolkata, India. Of late, we have started providing travel and medical rescue services in South East Asia, such as India,Thailand,Nepal, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Philippines and China. With (thousands) of associated travel medical clinics,hospitals, rapid ground & airambulance service, a commitment to top class medical rescue services and rigorously trained and experienced staff, Asian Travel & Medical Services sets the travel’s rescue services industry standard.


About ATMS Asian Travel and Medical Services LLP

Asian Travel & Medical Services was founded in Kolkata, India. . We have highly trained personnel for travel and medical emergency rescue services. We are equipped with all emergency facilities that are required to tackle any small or big emergency situation. Our extensive vaccine inventories as well as vast clinic and hospitals networks are available all the time, whenever and wherever you need them.

We provide immediate transportation for emergencies in Himalayan region.
We are always there to assist you round the clock.
You get 24 hoursemergency medical assistance andrescue services with expert coordinators.
We have highly qualified global rescue provider network to tackle emergency travel and medical rescue services.

We are also well known for providing fast and reliable lost documents help and other important services, such as flight booking, interpreter referral, emergency cash service, traveler’s check replacement, lost or delayed luggage tracking and replacement of lost and/or stolen air ticketing services.

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